Professional Experience


2006 – present       President, Kamath Consulting Inc., Princeton, New Jersey       

Primary responsibility for research consultancy with focus on the treatment and properties of textiles, hair and skin.

Recent projects include:

  •   Development of a new brush design leading to US Patent 8181304, “Implements for Grooming Tangled Hair”
  •   Development of a method for hair straightening, leading to US Patent 9198494 “Method and Chemical compositions for Reshaping Hair”
  •   Visualization of skin barrier damage by fluorescence microscopy
  •   Guidance on research related to cosmetic product performance (Claims Substantiation)
  •   Development of new chemistries for grooming hair
  •   Interpretation of interaction of chemicals with fibers and specifically human hair


1972 – 2006      Textile Research Institute, Princeton, New Jersey


Most recent position was responsible for research and development efforts of Textile Research Institute (TRI), a globally recognized institute for research in Fiber Science.  Established in 1930, TRI is considered a preeminent authority in both basic and applied research of textile fibers, both natural and synthetic, and human hair.

1995 – 2006  Director of Research

1987 – 1995  Principal Scientist

1976 – 1987  Senior Scientist

1974 – 1976  Staff Scientist

1972 – 1973  Postdoctoral Fellow


1963 – 1966          University of Bombay, Department of Chemical Technology


        Associate Lecturer, Technology of Plastics




Ph. D. (Physical Chemistry) University of Connecticut (1973)

M.Sc. (Tech.) (Plastic Technology), Department of Chemical Technology, University of Bombay (1964)

B.Sc. (Tech) (Plastics Technology), Department of Chemical Technology, University of Bombay (1961)

B.Sc. (Chemistry, Physics), University of Bombay (1959)




American Chemical Society (Emeritus Membership)

The Fiber Society (Honorary Member)

Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Honors and Awards:


  •   Maison G. de Navarre Medal Award – Society of Cosmetic Chemists 2010
  •   Honorary Fellowship of TRI/Princeton (2009)
  •   Best Paper Award – Society of Cosmetic Chemists (2008)
  •   Best Paper Award – Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Midwest Section (2006)
  •   Best Paper Award – Society of Cosmetic Chemists (2006)
  •   Honorary Membership – The Fiber Society (2001)
  •   Best paper Award – Society of Cosmetic Chemists (2001)
  •   Literature award – Society of Cosmetic Chemists (1986)
  •   TRI Postdoctoral Fellow (1972-1973)
  •   University of Connecticut Research Foundation Fellowship (1969-1971)
  •   Government of India Senior Research Fellow 1961-1963
  •   First rank at B.Sc. (Technology) Examination – Technology of Plastics (1961)




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